Unresponsive Jet With Four Passengers Crashes Without Explanation

Unresponsive Jet With Four Passengers Crashes Without Explanation

Ghost Plane’s Mysterious Crash Leaves Experts FLOORED

(AmericanProsperity.com) – A private jet recently overshot its target in Europe before plummeting into the Baltic Sea. The craft unexpectedly changed course, prompting air traffic control to attempt contact without success. Four people were aboard the flight, but authorities haven’t recovered any bodies.

On September 5, CBS News reported German businessman Karl-Peter Griesemann was piloting the privately owned jet, which departed from Jerez, Spain. The flight plan indicated Cologne, Germany, as the destination, but the craft continued toward the Latvian coast. The plane made a steep descent before crashing into the sea, apparently after running out of fuel.

Authorities presume Griesemann, his wife, daughter, and a companion are dead. The BBC indicated rescue teams might have found parts of the wreckage, but they’re still trying to determine what happened. They believe something occurred to incapacitate everyone on board, but the details remain a mystery. Experts speculate a loss in cabin pressure might be to blame.

Swedish news outlet Deutsche Welle pointed out this latest crash could mark the 6th time since 1980 that a plane has gone down due to mysterious issues seemingly connected to incapacitated passengers. Unless they uncover some vital clues, officials might have difficulty confirming the details in this case.

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