UnVaxxed Patient Denied Heart Transplant

UnVaxxed Patient Denied Heart Transplant

(AmericanProsperity.com) – D.J. Ferguson is in for the fight of his life after claiming a Boston hospital is denying him a new heart for not having the COVID-19 vaccine. On a crowdfunding page, the father of two said he feels the hospital is cornering him and that his time is quickly running out.

Mother Pleads With Hospital For Son’s Transplant

His mother, Tracey Furgeson, is pleading with the hospital not to deny him the organ transplant saying her son isn’t against getting the shot, adding he’s had many other immunizations in the past. However, she says her concerns are that his recent atrial fibrillation diagnosis – an irregular rhythmic heartbeat – will worsen or that the shot may cause other severe side effects if he gets vaccinated at this point.

Hospital Policy On Organ Transplantation

Bringham and Women’s Hospital is defending itself, pointing to information on its website which states one of their requirements is for organ transplant patients to get the COVID-19 vaccine, including hepatitis B and a flu shot. They also note that most US transplant programs across the country have similar requirements and that Furgeson isn’t being targeted because he isn’t vaccinated.

The hospital also states they closely follow The American Society of Transplantation guidelines which point to research suggesting transplant patients have a higher risk of dying from COVID-19 than non-transplant patients. They also highlighted that patients are not placed on an organ waitlist without meeting stringent requirements.

The hospital strongly rejected a claim posted on Ferguson’s family crowdfunding page that he was “first on the list” to receive an organ.

The hospital says over 100,000 individuals are waiting for organ transplantation, and there is a shortage of available organs. They added that many would have to wait at least five years to receive one, if at all.

According to reports, other hospitals have also been criticized for denying transplant patients for not being vaccinated. For example, Leilani Lutali, out of Colorado, claims her hospital denied her a kidney transplant for not being vaccinated. Lutali found religion and says she opposes getting the shot due to the use of fetal cell lines in the development of the vaccine.

Transplantation Denials Are Not Being Tracked

A spokesperson for The United Network for Organ Sharing, Anne Paschke, says they are not tracking how many transplant patients have been denied due to vaccination status. She also confirmed that anyone waiting for an organ transplant should have the right to seek help elsewhere if denied.

The problem with going somewhere else to seek help is that individual hospitals, such as Bringham and Women’s Hospital, decide who gets added to the national organ donor waitlist. Facilities also choose which patient is more likely to survive if given a new organ.

Medical Director for the Advanced Heart Failure Program at Penn State University, Dr. Howard Eisen says that the goal is to help patients survive and provide the best care for a chance at survival. He said, “a donor’s heart is a precious and scarce gift which must be cared for well.”

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