US Authorities Dismantle Chinese Secret Police Station in New York

( – US federal authorities arrested two individuals in New York City on Monday morning, in connection with the establishment of a police station run by the Chinese regime in Manhattan. According to different reports, the main mission of the officials of this station was allegedly to monitor pro-democracy activists.

Apparently, this clandestine station was run by the Chinese Ministry of Public Security (MPS), and it was announced with a complaint charging 34 persons accused of being part of a “troll farm” run by the same MPS, which main goal was to target Chinese dissidents on social media and online publications.

In a press conference, US attorney for New York Eastern District Breon Peace said that the office disguised its true operations by appearing to help Chinese citizens in the United States with different services including driver’s licenses. Peace also said authorities managed to discover the office’s decoy as consular activities need approval by American authorities. He added that law enforcement said that the office’s employees weren’t registered as foreign agents.

During the press conference, Peace also told local reporters that the city is home to the NYPD, which he said was one of the greatest police stations in the United States in the world. He added that New York City doesn’t need or want any secret police station representing a foreign country, pointing out that this situation is as serious as imagining the NYPD opening an undeclared secret station in China.

According to authorities, the station was located in Chinatown, and individuals Chen Jinping and Lu Jianwang were already charged in the US with conspiring to act as foreign agents in the country and obstruction of justice. Authorities said they aren’t fully aware of the activities that took place in the secret station as Jinping and Jianwang deleted information.

Peace also said that authorities had some evidence that show the MPS was spying and tracking a pro-democracy activist who is living in California. He added that this Chinese station worked as an online troll farm whose main goal was to threaten, disparage and harass activists who represent a threat to the Chinese Communist Party.

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