US Authorities Identity and Arrest Man Suspected of Documents’ Leaks

( – According to a New York Times Thursday report, a 21-year-old member of the Massachusetts Air National Guard named Jack Teixeira is the leader of the online gaming group where the batch of classified Pentagon documents was initially leaked back in January. The newspaper reported that Teixeira is currently a member of the branch’s intelligence wing in Massachusetts, and used to be the leader of the “Thug Shaker Central” private online group. He oversaw a community of between 20 and 30 people, mostly young adults and male teenagers

The Times pointed out that the classified documents initially gained attention after one member of the online gaming group saved some of them and eventually posted them to another public forum online. Following the publication of the newspaper’s report, NBC News confirmed Teixeira’s identity and previous role as the “Thug Shake Central” leader.

As reported by the Times, two officials told the liberal newspaper that Teixeira has already been arrested and interrogated about these leaks. This situation took place a couple of hours after US President Joe Biden told reporters during a press conference that investigators were about to discover the source of these leaks.

About this case, Attorney General Merrick Garland said at the Department of Justice that FBI agents managed to take Teixeira into custody “without incident.” He also explained Teixeira was arrested in connection with the department’s criminal investigation into the illegal retention, removal and transmission of the classified Pentagon documents. Garland added that Teixeira will appear at the US District Court for the Massachusetts district, and explained the criminal investigation remains active.

In a statement, the FBI’s office in Boston said that bureau’s agents arrested Teixeira at his residence located in North Dighton, Massachusetts. The FBI also pointed out that the military base where Teixeira used to work was more than an hour away from his residence.

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