US Base is Brazenly Attacked

US Base is Brazenly Attacked

( – Attacks on US bases aren’t anything unheard of, especially in the Middle East, where insurgencies are present. Typically, these attacks come from ISIS or other terrorist organizations, but there may have been a new source this time.

Officials believe the assault may have been from Iranian-backed Shia militia groups, which have invaded US forces before. Despite being a relatively small group, the terrorists had enough courage to attack a military superpower, seemingly without any fear of repercussions. Critics of President Biden say the move results from the United States’ hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan, which likely encouraged insurgent groups.

Regardless of who, what, or why the attack took place, the good news is that the US suffered no injuries or deaths. The US base, Al-Tanf, sits about 15 miles west of the Iranian border in the deconfliction zone that runs along the edges of Syria, Iran, and Jordan. Russia and the United States had established the zone in a joint effort to establish peace in the region.

According to US officials, the attackers utilized drones to target US troops, with indirect fire also reportedly hitting the base. While no militia or group has taken credit for the said attack, US officials indicated that the American military has the right to defend itself and will strike at a time and location of its choosing in retaliation for the drone strike.

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