US First Lady Will Attend King Charles’ Coronation

( – US President Joe Biden told Great Britain’s King Charles III in a Tuesday phone call that his wife and first lady Jill Biden will attend his upcoming coronation, representing the United States. The president also told the British monarch that, even if he won’t be able to attend the historic event, he would like to meet with him in the near future.

According to the White House, the US first lady will lead a group of American representatives to attend the May 6th coronation in the United Kingdom. The White House also said that President Biden, who was expected to skip the historic ceremony, congratulated King Charles and expressed his best wishes. It added that President Biden’s phone call with the British monarch underscored the strength of not only the friendship between the American and the British people but also the relationship between the two nations.

While many have criticized President Biden for not attending King Charles’ coronation, this is not the first time that an American leader fails to attend these types of events. In fact, there have been several US presidents that haven’t shown their presence at a British monarch’s coronation, including then-President Dwight Eisenhower, who couldn’t attend the coronation for Queen Elizabeth II, which was the last time this ceremony took place in the United Kingdom.

While the United States delegation didn’t include the first lady at that time, it included the chairman of the joint chief of staff, along with the governor of California and many other important figures in US politics.

Back in September, President Biden and the first lady attended Elizabeth’s funeral, joining many other presidents, prime ministers, and monarchs from all around the world. At that moment, the US commander-in-chief also called King Charles to offer his condolences and tell him that the relationship between the UK and the US needed to remain close and strong with him.

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