US Forces Eliminate ISIS Leader in Syria

( – The United States Central Command (CENTCOM) announced in a Monday statement that American forces eliminated a senior leader of the Islamic State terrorist group. The elimination of this important figure took place on Monday morning through a helicopter assault in the northern region of Syria.

According to the Central Command, the goal of this raid was to kill this senior ISIS Syria leader named Abd-al-Hadi Mahmud al-Haji Ali. In the statement, the Central Command pointed out he was one of the main operational planners of the Islamic State, and was leading different terrorist in Europe and the Middle East.

The Central Command also explained that the operation was formally launched after intelligence showed that the terrorist group was planning to kidnap officials overseas so ISIS could have some leverage in future negotiations. Experts believe it was crucial to prevent this from happening as ISIS has been gaining more power over the last few months, even when the terrorist group doesn’t have the same influence it used to.

In a separate statement, the command’s spokesman Colonel Joe Buccino said the command knows that ISIS sees a European expansion as one of its main goals shortly. He added that even when this raid represents a major hit to the terrorist group’s ambitions and operations in the Middle East, it doesn’t eliminate its capability to conduct more terrorist operations. In addition, Buccino explained that the Command managed to kill two other armed terrorists along with al-Haji, pointing out that no civilian was injured or killed in the raid.

In another statement, CENTCOM Commander Gen. Erik Kurilla said that despite the operation’s success, ISIS remains a threat as it’s capable of conducting terrorist operations within the Middle and could even operate overseas. He added that the US Central Command will maintain its “relentless campaign” against this terrorist until the end.

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