US Generals Demand War Games Targeting US Citizens

US Generals Demand War Games Targeting US Citizens

( – As the first anniversary of the January 6 Capitol riot approaches, former military leaders are calling on lawmakers to start taking preventive measures to thwart future incidents. Suggested practices apparently include engaging in civilian “war games” aimed at combating future coups and post-election attempts to control the counting of votes.

Former military generals Paul Eaton, Antonio Tagubathe, and Steven Anderson contributed to a Washington Post op-ed saying the U.S. military should consider conducting training against hostile encounters with fellow Americans. The trio feels a “chain-of-command” breakdown is highly likely if the military fails to prepare for the possibility of rogue organizations threatening election proceedings in 2024.

The generals suggested a specific number of steps the military should include in their “war game” training, such as:

  • A quick civics review for both civilian and uniformed service members on Constitutional and electoral integrity
  • The review of the laws of war and how to deal with insubordination
  • Understand how to reinforce “unity of command” to ensure military orders are followed without hesitation
  • All branches and military members should be more vigilant and on work installations
  • Be able to identify, isolate, engage, and remove propagandists and mutineers who spread misinformation across the ranks within a chain of command.

The trio continued by asserting that no military service member should use the excuse that orders weren’t understood or exhibit confusion about who to take orders from in a worst-case scenario. They feel the suggested war games will help identify weak spots before the next election. This might allow officials to implement protective safeguards that support the rightfully elected president, avoiding another out-of-control riot.

The generals’ recommendations are based on the January 6 capitol riots in which alleged Trump supporters entered the Capitol building and disrupted a joint session to count electoral votes.

The unfortunate incident left five people dead, including 35-year-old Ashli Babbitt. Capitol police officer Michael Byrd shot her near the House chamber door. Officer Byrd stated during an interview that he showed “the utmost courage” in shooting Babbitt and that he saved countless lives that day. Byrd was eventually cleared of all charges; the investigation is closed.

More than 600 people from over 40 states have been arrested and charged concerning the January 6 capitol riots. An ongoing FBI investigation seeks to locate people who participated in the event. Unrest associated with the riots ultimately forced Vice President Pence and members of Congress into hiding. An investigative panel also seeks to find evidence of Trump’s involvement in the riot but has come up empty so far.

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