US Government Tries to Target ZeroHedge for Not Caving to Their Narrative

US Government Tries to Target ZeroHedge for Not Caving to Their Narrative

( – Tensions are high in Eastern Europe as the threat of a Russian invasion looms in the minds of the Ukrainian people. Or does it? There seems to be some confusion on the developing situation; the White House says one thing, but Russia and Ukraine say another.

Naturally, people would trust their own government over a foreign power, but US leaders have been pushing a narrative: They don’t like being questioned.

The White House is going after any people or publications that aren’t in line with its version of the Russia-Ukraine issue. Recently, intelligence officials alleged that a conservative news website that often covers finances, ZeroHedge, was publishing Russian propaganda.

The website denied the accusations, explaining that it likes to publish a wide range of varying views and opinions to deliver both sides to any given story. The thing about conflict is it always has three sides: There are the two opposing narratives — and then there is the truth. ZeroHedge defended itself, asserting that it has never colluded with Russia and has no connections to Russian spy agencies, which intelligence officials also accused of the site.

Is free speech no longer a right the American people and media can enjoy? Unfortunately, the Department of Homeland Security seems to want it that way with its newest directive, which you can read about in our recent article.

The White House has faced scrutiny over its lack of evidence that a Russian invasion of Ukraine is imminent. Yet, the Biden administration is adamant that it’s going to happen and that there will be a war with Russia.

Do you think it’s fair for the US government to push such a narrative and vilify anyone who doesn’t align with its beliefs?

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