US Government’s Secret Experiments on Puppies Reveals Mass Abuse

US Government's Secret Experiments on Puppies Reveals Mass Abuse

( – The #BeagleGate scandal surrounding Dr. Anthony Fauci’s research just exploded. Unfortunately, the nation’s leading disease expert also seems to be the nation’s leading dog abuser. To make it all worse, American tax dollars are paying for Fauci’s sadistic experiments.

The watchdog group White Coat Waste Project (WCW) used the Freedom of Information Act to request information regarding some of Fauci’s work. What they received was horrifying, to say the least. The US Government, namely the National Institute of Health’s (NIH) Institute on Drug Abuse, funneled more than $2.3 million into an experiment injecting beagle puppies with cocaine.

The experiment stretched for a year, beginning in September 2020. In the experiment, the institution forced seven beagles, only six months old, to wear special jackets that injected them with cocaine over and over again for months. Researchers also injected an experimental compound into the dogs to see how it reacted with the cocaine. The NIH’s Institute on Drug Abuse then injected six additional puppies beginning in March 2020 and ending in March 2021, using the same jackets.

Before the puppies received the injections, they each underwent surgery to implant a telemetry unit to monitor their vitals for the entire experiment. Once the experiment was over, the dogs were euthanized or “recycled” for use in other studies.

The WCW had previously unearthed Fauci’s experiments on Beagles through the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, which subjected the dogs to what was essentially torture.

The heinous actions of a sadistic doctor are horrible enough. The worst part is that Americans funded the experiments through their tax dollars. Why do citizens have to foot the bill for research they know nothing about, especially when it comes to animal experiments. Should they?

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