US House to Vote on DC Statehood

US House to Vote on DC Statehood

( – The United States of America has been a nation of 50 states since the 50th state, Hawaii, was admitted on August 21, 1959. But, Democrats are now moving forward with hopes of adding another state: the State of Washington, Douglass Commonwealth, currently known now as our nation’s capital, Washington, DC.

On Tuesday, April 6, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) announced that the House will vote this month on H.R. 51, the bill that would give DC statehood. Currently, the US Capital has one non-voting member of Congress, but statehood would give the region two Senators and one Representative in Congress. Data shows that DC residents lean Democrat, meaning statehood would likely pull Congress to the Left and give Dems a majority in the Senate.

Washington Post reporter Meagan Flynn shared Hoyer’s statement:

While the bill will probably pass in the House, it’s unlikely to make it to a vote in the Senate as most Republicans do not support statehood for the US capital. So, while this vote is likely stalled, for now, the call for statehood is gaining steam and could, in time, provide more congressional seats for Democrats. This must be seen as a wake-up call for Americans across our nation to stand up and to fight for our Senate and House seats in the upcoming midterms.

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