US Needs to Seriously Prepare for Multiple Wars

( – A US congressionally appointed bipartisan panel announced on October 12 that the United States needs to prepare for simultaneous wars with China and Russia. The panel said that the country would have to make this happen by enhancing the modernization program of its nuclear weapons and strengthening alliances with its partners in the Asian and European regions.

The report, which was drafted by the Strategic Posture Commission, came at a moment when tensions with the Chinese regime over Taiwan and the Kremlin over its invasion of Ukraine were reaching a peak. According to Reuters, a senior official involved in this report refused to tell the news agency whether the panel’s intelligence briefings revealed any nuclear weapons cooperation between Moscow and Beijing. The official, who spoke under condition of anonymity, told Reuters that Republican and Democratic leaders fear that Russia and China could start a nuclear cooperation anytime soon, which would put Washington into a “two-war construct.”

The report’s finding would upend the current US national security strategy calling for the victory in one armed conflict while deterring another one. This strategy would also require a massive defense spending increase to reach the expected results.

In the report’s preface, Democratic chair Madelyn Creedon and Republican Vice Chair Jon Kyl explained that while members of the panel understand the current “budget realities,” they believe that the country needs to make these investments. While Kyl used to be a GOP senator, Creedon is a former deputy head of the agency that oversees the country’s nuclear arsenal.

In a press briefing to release the report, Kyl explained that the House of Representatives and the President of the United States need to take this case to “the American people.” He pointed out that Americans need to understand that spending more money on defense will end up being a “small price to pay” to preclude a nuclear war that would involve the United States, along with Russia and China.

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