US Orders Monkeypox Vaccines

US Orders Monkeypox Vaccines

US Places URGENT Medical Order

( – After dealing with COVID-19 for the past two years, the last bit of news anyone wants to hear is the outbreak of yet another virus. Now, as monkey pox continues to spread across the globe, experts are preparing for the worst. In an effort to be proactive, the US has ordered vaccines to defend people from the virus, likely hoping to address monkey pox before it becomes a problem.

US Ordering Vaccines

Unlike COVID-19, which needed to have a vaccine developed, monkey pox has a readily made immunization available. Despite there only being a few licensed inoculations against monkeypox, one drug company producing the vaccine, Bavarian Nordic, believes it can provide what the world needs if the time comes. The company better get to work as the US has ordered 500,000 doses, according to Newsweek.

Bavarian Nordic’s vaccine against monkey pox is actually just a vaccine against smallpox that works against the related virus. The company markets the vaccine differently in separate regions and countries. In the US Bavarian Nordic identifies its monkey vaccine as Jynneos; the same product is Imvamune in Canada, and Europe knows the inoculation as Imvanex. Bavarian Nordic Vice President Rolf Sass Sorenson admitted he was caught off guard a bit by the outbreak but firmly believes the company could supply countries around the world with the vaccine without much effort.

Even people exposed to the disease, which can transmit from humans to animals, can still benefit from the vaccine’s protection as long as they receive it within a couple of days after exposure.

An Unusual Outbreak

Scientists don’t know much about how or where monkeypox arose. What they do know is the virus typically only spreads through West and Central Africa, making the current outbreak uncharacteristic. Reports show there have been over 3,300 confirmed cases across the globe. Most of the infections have been in Europe, where Germany has seen 521 cases and the United Kingdom has reported 793. In comparison, the US only has 155 reported cases.

The virus spreads mainly through physical contact and can cause infection for up to four weeks, meaning it has the potential to spread quickly. Perhaps that’s why the United States decided to buy half a million doses despite only having 155 confirmed cases. Does the US expect the virus to spread significantly through the country, or are officials just being precautious, hoping to get ahead of the virus before it can infect too many people? Hopefully, this won’t turn into another round of lock-downs and other safety measures the way COVID-19 did.

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