US Senator Says Secret Service Is Covering for Hunter Biden

US Senator Says Secret Service Is Covering for Hunter Biden

( – A US Senator detailed how obtaining information from the executive branch could be like pulling teeth after he alleged the Secret Service (SS) was withholding important documents. The senator believes the SS could be covering for the younger Biden during his father’s time as Vice President of the United States.

The Iowa Republican, Chuck Grassley said, while on “Fox & Friends,” that he’s looking for answers regarding Hunter Biden’s international travel. Senator Grassley alleges that the SS has been covering for the troubled Biden, and other GOP Senators agree. Grassley mentioned that there was no other way to see the situation after looking at what little information the SS provided.

Accusing the SS of being suspicious, the Republican senator noted they would’ve handed over all documentation Congress requested if they weren’t attempting to hide something. Grassley explained GOP Senators didn’t receive information concerning Biden’s travels for 2010, 2011, or 2013. He added that the SS heavily redacted the documents it did provide, and no one could make sense of them.

The senator cited oversight powers the Constitution outlines, meaning Congress should have access to the documents in their entirety, without redactions. Senator Grassley sent a letter to James Murray, Director of the Secret Service, explaining his statement.

The Republican added transparency would lead to accountability, asserting that the public deserves access to the younger Biden’s travel logs during his father’s two terms as vice president. What do you think?

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