US Senators Approve Arming the Saudis

US Senators Approve Arming the Saudis

( – The recent approval of selling arms to Saudi Arabia has split the Senate. While the United States is making massive money off the deal, some senators are unhappy about it. Surprisingly, both Republicans and Democrats came together to approve the transaction.

The United States became set to sell $650 million in arms to the Saudis after the Senate voted 67-30. Around half of the Democratic caucus and two Republicans were among the 30 members who voted to move forward. The effort to block the proposal fell well short of the simple majority the opposition needed to stop the sale’s approval.

The bipartisan effort, led by Republican Senators Rand Paul of Kentucky and Mike Lee of Utah, included the Independent Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont. The opposing senators strongly argued that the US government shouldn’t reward Saudi Arabia for its actions in Yemen and against its own people.

Leadership in the Senate from both sides of the political aisle expressed their disagreement with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) when he asserted that the United States shouldn’t turn its back on longtime allies. The only two Republicans to oppose the proposal were Senator Paul and Senator Lee. Meanwhile, the Democratic caucus virtually split on the vote.

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