US Takes Down Drone With “Hostile” Intentions

US Takes Down Drone With

( – A group of drones attacked a US base in Syria, with the possibility of rocket fire, only weeks ago. The base didn’t report any human casualties, but one building may have taken damage. With the previous attack on the base, it’s no surprise personnel would be on high alert.

It’s a good thing they were, too, as two drones had recently flown at the base. The Spokesman for US Central Command, Captain Bill Urban, stated that two small drones were spotted near At Tanf Garrison and again tracked entering the At Tanf Deconfliction Zone bearing toward the base. Urban asserted that one drone was showing hostile intent.

A British Typhoon jet intercepted the drone and launched an advanced short-range air-to-air missile (ASRAAM) at the aggressive drone, resulting in its destruction. The incident is one of the first times a pilot has utilized an ASRAAM to shoot down a drone threat in a combat situation. The second drone executed a 180 and left the area.

According to reports, the base is unsure whether either drone carried a payload of explosives. Captain Urban reported that the base didn’t suffer any notable damage, and there were no injuries reported following the incident.

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