US Truckers Follow Canada’s Lead, Planning ‘People’s Convoy’ to Protest

US Truckers Follow Canada's Lead, Planning 'People's Convoy' to Protest

( – The Freedom Convoy in Canada isn’t only inspiring Canadians. The movement appears to be contagious as the United States is now looking at a similar demonstration they’re calling the People’s Convoy.

The US convoy’s organizer, Brian Brase, asserted that the People’s Convoy is for all Americans the COVID-19 mandates and restrictions have affected. The truckers plan to peacefully protest during the trip.

Brase noted that the convoy isn’t politically charged, declaring the People’s Convoy isn’t a right or left-wing issue. The organizer mentioned the movement isn’t even anti-vax, claiming their actions were about defending human rights, and for Americans, their constitutional rights.

The truckers plan to start the convoy in California and meet in DC. Once in the nation’s capital, the truckers plan to remain in place until the government removes federal and state mandates.

Facebook completely removed a group called “Convoy to DC 2022,” which was for truckers to organize the multi-state journey from the Golden State to DC. Jeremy Johnson, the group’s creator, also had his account removed. Johnson mentioned the platform’s actions were censorship at its finest.

The Canadian convoy suffers from similar woes as contributors donated millions through GoFundMe. The GoFundMe website decided it would not allow the Freedom Convoy to access the funds, instead insisting it would automatically return the money to donors. According to Fox News host Kelly O’ Grady, the People’s Convoy will bypass the Freedom Convoy’s mistake of trusting GoFundMe and have decided not to use the online donation service.

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