US Will Send Tanks and Patriot Missile Systems to Ukraine

( – The Pentagon announced on Tuesday that US defense officials will deploy Abram tanks and Patriot missile defense systems to Ukraine’s military forces, representing a move that takes place considerably earlier than analysts predicted, as troops are currently completing an “aggressive” training regime on US territory.

According to CNN, the commanding general of the Army’s Fires Center of Excellence Brig. Gen. Shane Morgan said that Ukraine’s soldiers were carefully chosen by their nation and quickly became proficient in handling intricate military weaponry. He explained that Ukrainians managed to learn the main concepts of the Patriot System Operations and Maintenance in the fastest way possible, thanks to their experience and knowledge not only in combat zones but also in air defense.

Over the last few months, nearly 70 Ukrainian troops have been learning at the Oklahoma army post of Fort Still how to efficiently sustain, maintain and operate this complex defensive system. As reported by CNN, officials from this city explained that the was meant to last longer, but the men and women from the Ukrainian troops learned everything fast.

While Pentagon officials were originally planning to deliver 31 M1A2 Abrams tanks to Ukraine, it eventually decided to provide M1A1 models to speed the whole process by fall. After all, the war between Ukraine and Russia keeps escalating and the United States wants to accelerate the delivery of military equipment from American soil to the possession of Ukraine’s military.

Biden administration officials decided to authorize speeding up tanks and Patriots’ delivery after Ukrainian officials announced that the country is planning to conduct numerous attacks against Russian forces in the spring. According to different media outlets, now that the training is finished, the Ukrainian troops that were in Fort Still will now travel to an undisclosed location inside Europe to reunite with other troops in order to learn similar defense systems that have been supplied by allies from Germany and the Netherlands.

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