Vaccine Mandates Cause Prison Staff Shortages, May Set Prisoners Free

Vaccine Mandates Cause Prison Staff Shortages, May Set Prisoners Free

( – COVID-19 has caused many problems since its discovery in 2019. The virus has damaged the workforce and put millions out of work, even if only temporarily. Now, the virus isn’t causing people to lose their jobs; it’s the vaccine. Unfortunately, one correction facility finds itself a potential victim of the situation.

In November, the board of supervisors for Pima County, AZ, got together and voted to mandate county workers to receive the COVID vaccine by 11:59 pm on December 11, 2021. As a result, a jail in the county is struggling, and the situation is looking grim.

But that’s only if you work there, as inmates are likely celebrating the idea. The new mandates could cause the jail to be understaffed, which would lead to the release of incarcerated criminals to lighten the workload. What kind of threat could this pose to society and the American people?

The Pima County Jail is only one instance of what could come from federal vaccine mandates. COVID-19 already crippled America’s workforce once. Now, as the country attempts to recover, American workers face yet another wave of unemployment, further damaging an already fragile US economy. The vaccine itself isn’t the problem; it’s the subsequent mandates forcing Americans to choose between the jab and their jobs that are causing the bigger issues.

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