Vast Majority of Voters Say They Avoid Politically Opposed Companies

Vast Majority of Voters Say They Avoid Politically Opposed Companies

Stunning Poll Makes Companies Think Twice Before Drinking Woke Kool-Aid

( – The world of politics has spread into the everyday lives of Americans. No matter where they turn, it seems they can’t get away from political polarization. Most notably, politics have entered companies, which in turn push certain ideologies on their consumers — which a majority of Americans don’t want. A recent poll shows how heated the issue has become.

According to findings from Trafalgar Group, just over 81% of potential voters responded they were either “somewhat likely” or “very likely” to stop being consumers at companies or businesses that pushed political ideals that didn’t align with their own. The Daily Wire recently interviewed Mark Meckler, the President of the poll’s sponsor, Convention of States, who asserted that politics are now a losing battle for companies regardless of what side they choose.

He’s right. The poll shows that nearly 85% of Democrats, 93% of Republicans, and over 82% of independents all claimed they would boycott companies pushing political agendas that went against their beliefs.

Any way businesses look at it, they’re going to lose money. Meckler mentioned it would be best for companies to leave politics out of their businesses altogether and focus more on delivering quality products to consumers. The proof is in the numbers. Perhaps Americans are simply tired of seeing politics everywhere they go.

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