Victim Asks Supreme Court to Review Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Sweetheart Deal’

Victim Asks Supreme Court to Review Jeffrey Epstein's 'Sweetheart Deal'

( – There’s no doubt that the late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein destroyed many lives when he trafficked and abused girls. Many women brought cases against him over the years. One even forced the US government to reveal a secret deal federal prosecutors made with Epstein in 2007 that protected the criminal from major jail time. But, a child victim of Epstein’s is now asking the Supreme Court to review this “sweetheart” deal.

In 2008, alleged victim Courtney Wild sued the US Justice Department over its handling of Jeffery Epstein. As the case dragged on for 12 years, it eventually revealed federal prosecutors signed a secret agreement with the pedophile stating the government would not file a 53-page indictment against him if he pled guilty to two charges of prostitution-related crimes in Florida.

ABC News shared how the story is now developing:

In April, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Wild’s case should never have gotten as far as it did, as the majority of judges said the 2004 Crime Victims’ Rights Act did not allow her to sue the DOJ in the first place. Now, Wild and her attorney ask the Supreme Court to overturn this decision and “bring some measure of justice” to the situation.

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