Victims Suffer Strange Symptoms As the Havana Syndrome Mystery Continues

Victims Suffer Strange Symptoms As the Havana Syndrome Mystery Continues

( – For years, a variety of US government and military personnel and their families have experienced unexplainable dizziness, headaches, and memory loss. They dub the condition the Havana Syndrome, as the initial onset of these ailments took place in Cuba. People have also reported incidents in Vienna and even Washington, DC. Now, even President Joe Biden’s team is trying to address the issue.

On Friday, August 6, top federal officials including Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Attorney General Merrick Garland met together. They’re attempting to understand current efforts attempting to treat those injured by Havana Syndrome and figure out a way to prevent future cases. The current working theory is that attackers use some kind of targeted microwave. Russia is the likely culprit, although officials lack proof.

CNN’s White House reporter Natasha Bertrand shared more from the meeting:

Both the CIA and FBI are working together to understand the issues, as they affect both agencies. Some experiencing the syndrome even chose to leave government service after struggling to live with the aftermath of the attack, which often includes continued nausea, fatigue, and anxiety on top of the previously mentioned symptoms.

Hopefully, our government and medical doctors can pinpoint exactly what’s causing this frightening phenomenon and how to stop it. Without that, many diplomats and officials will live in fear of whether they or their families are next.

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