Virginia’s New Gun Laws: Why You Should Care

Virginia's New Gun Laws: Why You Should Care

( – On Wednesday, July 1, the Virginia legislature implemented its new gun laws that could cripple small businesses. One of these laws has been on and off the books over time as Republicans and Democrats fight for control of the House and Senate. Here’s how they affect you.

The first is the reinstallment of the one handgun purchase per month law, which was repealed in 2012. Now, most Virginia residents must wait 30 days between handgun purchases in addition to the new mandatory background check for all gun purchases. This includes sales made privately and at gun shows.

Democratic Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam, applauds these new laws:

These limits on our Second Amendment rights are not only keeping arms out of the hands of Americans when they need them, but may decrease sales in small businesses across the state. Gun sales went up significantly in June, according to the NRA:

But, if these laws are also passed elsewhere, gun sales could slow nation-wide as it becomes more difficult to purchase guns at the rate consumers wish to.

Other items passed include the Extreme Risk Protective Order. It allows police officers to take a firearm from someone who is a perceived risk to themselves or others and impose a civil penalty if a citizen does not report a firearm lost or stolen within 48 hours.

As more legislation continues to pass and encroach on our Second Amendment rights, now is the time to fight for them to keep our loved ones safe.

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