Volunteers From Belarus Answer The Call To Fight for Ukraine

Volunteers From Belarus Answer The Call To Fight for Ukraine

Belarus Volunteers Deal Putin a CATASTROPHIC Blow!

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Given the fact that Russia used Belarus to help with its invasion, it seems unlikely that the northern neighbor would help Ukraine. However, volunteers from Belarus have joined the fight against Russia, not only for the good of Ukraine, but for their own people. They want to free themselves from their own demons, and they believe the best way to do that is to weaken Putin.

Fox News mentions in a report that some Belarusians believe if they helped Ukraine beat back Russian forces, it would weaken President Vladimir Putin; in turn, that would weaken their own president, Alexander Lukashenko. The Belarusian President has been in power since 1994, recently “winning” his sixth consecutive term in 2020, which many people feel was a fraudulent victory.

One man who decided to fight for Ukraine, despite his own country’s support of the Russian invasion, was once a restaurant owner who heard he was likely going to be arrested after openly criticizing Lukashenko. Another man is certain Belarusian forces killed his brother, and a third was given an ultimatum to either denounce fellow activists or face incarceration.

Belarusian volunteers are joining the fight in hopes that dealing a blow to Putin will open the door enough to allow democracy to creep into Belarus and overthrow the oppressive leader. Defeating Lukashenko is what brings them together and unites them with Ukraine.

If history has established anything, it’s that through unity people find strength and can accomplish anything. The question is whether or not these extra hands and mouths to feed will be enough to give Ukraine the advantage and finally put an end to the war and possibly Putin and Lukashenko’s rule.

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