Walmart Hoax Exposed by Fact-Checkers

Walmart Hoax Exposed by Fact-Checkers

( – A post circulating on Facebook claimed the mega-retailer Walmart was selling iRobot vacuums for just one dollar. The post alleged that the agreement between the two companies was compromised, leading to them to sell their product for just one hundred pennies, plus tax, of course. Fact-checkers quickly busted the myth.

As usual, an offer that seemed too good to be true was just that. Walmart never priced the vacuums, ranging anywhere from $200 to $800 for just a buck. Both companies mentioned that there was no disagreement with their contract. In addition, neither of the two companies issued any statement concerning their relationship.

A copy of the post on February 14 included a link to a website disguising itself as a Walmart contest page. The web page,, talked about how iRobot canceled their agreement with Walmart and sold the Roomba i7+ (retail value of $800) for $1. All people had to do was answer three questions.

James Baussmann, iRobot Senior Public Relations Manager, told Check Your Fact the claim of iRobot breaking its contract with the retail giant was completely fake, calling the website a scam. Robert Arrieta, Senior Communications Manager at Walmart, also reasserted Baussmann’s statement, noting Walmart was taking no such action before assuring the public the company wasn’t offering the drastic discount.

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