WARNING – Suspect’s “Kill List” Included Children!

Police Arrest Teacher With a 'Kill List' Including Children

Police Arrest Teacher With a ‘Kill List’ Including Children

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Police in Northwest Indiana have arrested a St. Stanislaus Catholic school teacher for creating a “kill list” containing the names of several students and school faculty. Angelica Carrasquillo-Torres apparently told a fifth-grade student that she intended to execute the people named on the list and then take her own life.

The frightened student immediately told a school counselor, who immediately brought the child to the principal to escalate the matter. The principal immediately questioned Carrasquillo-Torres, who not only admitted to creating the list but also confirmed that it contained the name of the student who first reported her but refused to hand it over.

The principal told Carrasquillo-Torres to go home and not to return. For reasons that remain unclear, the principal didn’t take action by calling the police to report the threat until around 5 p.m. — nearly four hours after she left.

Police spoke with the principal the next day. The Lake County Prosecutor’s Office approved an emergency detention order, which allowed authorities to arrest Carrasquillo-Torres the day after that.

Parents are now speaking out against the school for allowing the teacher to walk out of the principal’s office and off campus instead of reporting the matter to the police. While the school did notify parents of “a situation” in one of the classrooms via email, it reportedly failed to make mention of any specific threats or Carrasquillo-Torres’s hit list.

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