Warning: You Should Not Try a Poop Transplant at Home

(AmericanProsperity.com) – According to a Business Insider November 14 report, a Canadian man who put his mom’s poop into his rectum to treat a disease experienced severe menopause symptoms. Charlie Curtis, from Toronto, told filmmaker Saffron Cassaday in her new documentary that he did the so-called “poop transplants” for more than four years.

The media outlet reported that fecal microbiota transplants (FMTs) involve a health specialist taking fecal residues from a healthy donor and blending them with saline solutions. In every procedure approved by the FDA, the mixture of feces and saline is properly inserted into the gastrointestinal tract of the recipient via oral capsules or through an enema.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, the recipient absorbs all healthy bacteria from the donated mixture, which repopulates the bacteria in their gut. The health center also explained that, in Canada and the United States, FMTs are only approved by Health Canada or the FDA to be used as a treatment for C. Diff bacterial infection.

As reported by the Insider, Curtis and his mother Sky did the procedure at home, which is a risky move as the recipient can contract a disease from the donor’s stool. Sky told Cassaday that both decided to do the FMT as her son has been dealing with Crohn’s disease since 2006 and no treatment was able to help him. She explained that the director of the Center of Digestive Diseases in Australia Thomas Brody suggested the procedure.

After Sky’s stool was properly tested for any diseases or infections, they started to do the transplants in 2008. They did it for a couple of years with such positive results that Curtis was officially off medication and symptom-free in 2019. However, Curtis told Cassaday that he suddenly started to feel every symptom of his mother’s menopause, which she started to experience around the time her son’s procedure started.

Brody told the director that Curtis went through “this issue” because the donated poop always transmits “high levels of hormones.” He also told Cassaday that no one should do an at-home FMT because the risk of contracting a disease is “too high.”

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