Waukesha Tragedy Showed Americans Who We Really Are

Waukesha Tragedy Showed Americans Who We Really Are

(AmericanProsperity.com) – America has become a polarized place thanks to politics. Too often, the media uses race or social status to divide the country, and the tactic works well. The picture they paint isn’t the real America — but it’s the America they want citizens to see.

People see negative news in media every day, sometimes even when the story is positive. For the Waukesha, WI tragedy, media attempted to spin the story even though it was clear what happened: A man drove his SUV into a Christmas parade on November 21.

The courts have charged the man, Darrell Brooks Jr., with six counts of intentional homicide, while the media calls the incident a massacre. After all, six people died, and 60 others suffered injuries.

That’s not what this story is about, though. No, instead, this is about the real America, the one media rarely shows. The incident was undoubtedly a tragic experience for everyone involved, but many people quickly pushed aside their distress to help and comfort those in need.

Strangers came together to help screaming children and those injured in the act of senseless violence. One woman watched her two daughters, both nurses, immediately spring into action to provide aid. The woman noted that the SUV struck the crowd only three feet away from her family and mentioned her daughters had helped to get crushed little girls into squad cars.

One of the daughters mentioned that store owners opened their doors to shelter people in the crowd while others helped parents track down their lost children. She insisted that these people weren’t strangers to her anymore. Instead, she knew them by their names.

Some accompanied children and other people they didn’t know in police cars due to a lack of ambulances. People without medical experience held children’s hands to help keep them calm. Medical professionals provided as much aid as possible with the little resources they had.

People helping each other — that’s what America is really about. In the face of tragedy, there are no political parties or races to divide people, just human beings helping others in need. It might be an America the media has tossed aside, but it’s one that many people will never forget.

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