Weekend News Bytes — July 6, 2020

Weekend News Bytes — July 6, 2020

(AmericanProsperity.com) – During his 4th of July speech at the White House, President Trump reminded Americans of the forces of evil America has defeated since World War II. He said the main threat today is the radical Left who wants to destroy history.

In large cities, Americans are leaving for suburbs and rural communities in the wake of COVID-19, riots, and calls to defund the police. Finally, a Stanford University doctor said more than 50 studies confirm COVID-19’s fatality rate is near zero for those under 45 and said shutdowns were based on faulty data.

President Trump Calls for the Defeat of the Radical Left

It’s been 244 years since the signing of the Declaration of Independence. On Saturday, July 4, the president painted a picture of America’s past while connecting the dots to its present.

He praised the Greatest Generation, who defeated Nazi Germany and those who fought against terrorists who sought to destroy America. He also praised American workers who created the greatest economy in the history of the world.

Trump then warned that a new enemy was emerging and is attempting to erase history: the radical Left. Building on his speech on Friday at the base of Mount Rushmore, the president pushed back against cancel culture and those who are tearing down monuments, statues, and attempting to erase American history. He reminded citizens the past is “not a burden to be cast away,” and that one generation after another picks up “where the last one finished.”

Americans Are Leaving Big Cities

As America deals with a highly contagious virus and a struggling economy, social unrest, and calls for police defunding, Americans are fleeing big cities. In some parts of the country, demand for housing is so high people are buying without even seeing a house.

Some reasons for this new migration include:

  • Desire to live in less densely-populated areas away from the threat of highly infectious diseases.
  • Telework is proving to make businesses and individuals more efficient.
  • Social unrest and concerns over rioting.
  • Concerns cities will see increases in crime as they defund police forces.

There are positives and negatives to the growing suburban and rural communities. One positive is that more people means more business and economic growth. On the downside, higher taxes will be needed to pay for increased infrastructure, new ordinances, and regulations, as well as frustration over increased traffic on small roads.

COVID-19 Fatality Rate Nearly Zero for Those Under 45

If you’re under the age of 45, there’s some good news for you. According to Stanford University’s disease prevention chairman, Dr. John Ioannidis, the death rate for those with COVID-19 is nearly 0%. For individuals who are 45 to 70, it’s between 0.05% – 0.3%. Unfortunately, for those over 70, it’s more problematic.

Ioannidis said state shutdowns were implemented based on faulty data and inaccurate modeling. As a result, Americans experienced economic hardship and mental health issues, which could’ve been mostly avoided. He said the pandemic ought to be handled with a targeted approach instead of “blindly shutting down everything.”

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