Weekend News Bytes — June 15, 2020

Weekend News Bytes — June 15, 2020

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Police issues continued to hit the headlines after an arrest went wrong in Atlanta, GA, resulting in a black man being shot and killed. Law enforcement is changing with the Seattle Police Chief saying policing will never be the same again and Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) calling for the dismantling of the Minneapolis Police Department. In other news, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says widespread lockdowns may be needed again.

Arrest Goes Wrong in Atlanta

On Friday, June 12, in Atlanta, GA, Rayshard Brooks was peacefully interviewed by police for nearly 40 minutes on a routine sobriety check outside of a Wendy’s restaurant. When officers moved to arrest Brooks, things turned violent as the suspect chose not to comply with the officers. He wrestled with one, took the officers taser, and ran.

At one point, Brooks shot the taser at a pursuing officer. That’s when he was shot twice and killed.

Soon after, the Wendy’s at the scene of the crime was set on fire as protests turned violent. This resulted in the arrest of 36 people. On Sunday, June 14, the officers involved were terminated just hours before peaceful demonstrations continued throughout the city.

Policing Not the Same Moving Forward

According to Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best, “policing will never be the same.” In the wake of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis, anarchists overtook six blocks of Seattle and barricaded them, declaring it an autonomous zone where police weren’t welcomed. The Seattle Police Department remains locked out of their precinct in the area.

On Sunday morning, Best said we are living in “a pivotal moment in history” as far-left wing groups demand the defunding of police departments across the country. Late last week, Best said it wasn’t her decision to abandon the area, implying she was ordered by the mayor to allow the occupiers to keep it. The mayor called them “patriots” for exercising their Constitutional rights.

This movement is affecting law enforcement structures across the country.

Far-left wing Rep. Ilhan Omar continued her call to defund police on Sunday. She took it one step further and said police are “rotten to the root.” Omar claimed the Minneapolis police chief, who’s black, is racist and the department has not properly done its job to solve crimes.

CDC Contradicts President and Governors

On Friday, the CDC warned if COVID-19 cases rise, widespread lockdowns could be needed again to control the spread of the virus. It said the pandemic is not over as 23 states saw increases in active cases of the virus last week. This comes as states begin reopening their economies.

Last week, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the US would not shut down again, echoing President Trump’s previous statements. Governors across the country generally agree with the notion that their states cannot handle another shutdown.

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