Weekend News Bytes — June 22, 2020

Weekend News Bytes — June 22, 2020

(AmericanProsperity.com) – On Saturday evening, June 20, President Donald Trump held his first campaign rally since early March in Tulsa, OK. A couple of notable things happened.

Several Democrats mocked Trump, claiming they knew teenagers got tickets to depress the rally turnout. Additionally, during the rally, Trump mockingly said he ordered officials to slow down testing of COVID-19; the response from Democrats and the media was typically absurd.

Finally, US Attorney General William Bar said the Durham investigation into the Russian hoax was progressing. Big developments are expected by the end of summer.

Trump Campaign Dismisses Claims by Democrats

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and concerns over violent groups coming into the area to disrupt the rally, 6,200 people attended in support. However, those numbers were short of what’s expected for a Trump rally.

Democrats claimed the event was sabotaged by teenage activists who got tickets on TikTok, a Chinese video-sharing social media site, and obviously didn’t show up. This begs two questions — are the Chinese interfering in the US election, and how do Democrats know that’s what happened?

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) was the most outspoken.

The Trump campaign countered saying the Democrats were wrong, that groups have tried for years to spoil Trump’s rallies. However, the campaign has a rigorous process for screening out false ticket requests. Trump’s campaign team also asserted the media played a significant role in the lower turnout by creating fear over protesters and massive crowd projections during COVID-19.

Trump – Administer Fewer COVID-19 Tests

At Saturday evening’s rally, Trump said he closed down US-China and US-Europe travel earlier than most wanted him to, saving untold amounts of lives. He then said the US has tested 25 million people and that testing was a double sword. Of course, this caused a misrepresentation of what was said and resulted in a media uproar on Sunday.

Trump stressed more testing equated to finding more cases of infected people. Mockingly, he talked about how a ten-year-old had the sniffles and would be healed in 10 minutes — “but that’s a case.” So, sarcastically, Trump said he told officials to administer fewer COVID-19 tests to keep case numbers down.

You can see and hear the president’s comment in its full context:

Naturally, media outlets like USA Today picked up on this one soundbite and took it out of context. The president can’t even make a joke without the media going into a frenzy.

Attorney General Says “Developments” in Russia Investigators Expected Soon

Attorney General William Barr revealed the Durham investigation into the Russian hoax would result in “developments” by the end of the summer. He said the collapse of the Russian narrative was inevitable and the media was on to the “next false scandal.”

The FBI was pursuing a counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign in 2016-2017, which resulted in the Mueller investigation. The Mueller report established zero collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Over the last six weeks, it came out the FBI trapped former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, lied to the FISA court, and violated protocols just to harm Trump’s presidency.

Durham is looking into the wrongdoing by FBI investigators in the case.

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