Weekend News Bytes — June 29, 2020

Weekend News Bytes — June 29, 2020

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Over the weekend, news erupted that Russia offered to pay bounties to the Taliban to assassinate US troops in Afghanistan. President Donald Trump says he wasn’t briefed because US intel couldn’t verify the claim. A Black Lives Matter (BLM) leader said Black people don’t trust politicians and both parties failed the Black community. Finally, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) weighed into the culturally-charged issue of face masks.

Reports Say Russia Offered Bounties on US Troops

Over the weekend, an explosive report came out. Allegedly, the Russian military offered to pay the Taliban bounties to assassinate US troops in Afghanistan. The New York Times somehow received information that the intelligence community briefed President Trump about it. However, the White House denies that Trump was briefed, which the president confirmed on Sunday:

Former Deputy National Security Adviser (NSA) K.T. McFarland said the intelligence that rises to the level of the president has to be verified and checked. She said no one wants the president to receive unreliable information that he could act upon.

McFarland said this instance is most likely about some early intelligence that media outlets are checking out. She further stated it’s widely known that the intelligence community and media are close.

In the case of the Russian hoax, just enough kernels of truth were leaked to the media to keep the deception going for years. This Russian-Taliban bounty story could be the result of a similar pattern.

BLM Leader Says Politicians Failed Black Community

On Sunday, BLM leader Hawk Newsome said both Democrats and Republicans have failed the Black community as he called for defunding police. He said politicians cater to big business instead of solving the real problems people have.

Additionally, Newsome said the government oversteps its bounds especially when it comes to police. To reduce crime, he believes more policing isn’t the solution. Instead, local and state governments should be addressing crime as a “public health crisis” and examine why people commit crimes in order to find solutions.

Pelosi Addresses Masks

Never at a lack of using the power of the federal government, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the federal government, not the states, should mandate the wearing of face masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

She also used this as an excuse to attack Trump, saying “real men wear masks.” Her dig was in reference to the president not wearing masks in public settings.

The CDC recommends that people wear a face mask when social distancing of six feet cannot be maintained. However, there are contentions to that point stating the federal government doesn’t have the authority to enact blanket national policies. Throughout the pandemic, President Trump has deferred to the states to make practical policy-making decisions regarding public health matters.

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