Weekend News Bytes — March 23, 2020

Weekend Wrap-Up - March 23, 2020

(AmericanProsperity.com) – This weekend has seen some of the same old same old, but there’s one frightening event keeping everyone on their toes. The folks on Capitol Hill proved that the coronavirus (COVID-19) hasn’t brought everything to a screeching halt in America — just the important stuff. North Korea proved to be as feisty as ever. And, at least one state legislature is planning on deciding who lives and who dies.

COVID-19 Stimulus Package Stalls

As the financial markets sink into oblivion and many Americans are wondering how to get through this pandemic without jobs, Congress reverted to its old standby: partisan politics. Frantic work on a $1.8 trillion package stopped dead in its tracks this weekend.

The Senate Democrats refuse to budge on what they’re calling a “Wall Street bailout” that doesn’t do enough for workers. Once again, they’re proving that they don’t understand the fact that there won’t be any company left to employ people if a lot of them have to shutter their doors.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) announced that she’s considering drafting her own bill on the subject. That would leave the Democrat-led House and the Republican-led Senate with competing plans that would have to be reconciled. This process could easily take weeks while the American people need help now.

The Hermit Kingdom

North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, decided that the world didn’t have enough on its plate dealing with COVID-19. For the third time in March, he had his military lob two apparent short-range ballistic missiles into the sea off the peninsula landing in Japanese waters. This isn’t the first time Kim has flexed military capabilities during strenuous times. Last year, North Korea fired multiple missiles when trade relations between South Korea and Japan were strained.

This kind of behavior makes the dictatorship’s southern neighbors uneasy and for good reason. While there haven’t been any battles fought since 1954, an official state of hostilities still exists between the two nations.

Rationed Healthcare

The State of Washington is moving even further into the uncharted waters America finds herself trying to navigate. Fearing a critical shortage of medical equipment and hospital beds, state officials and medical professionals spoke about a “triage strategy” that will decide who’s worthy of receiving medical care. Those unlucky enough to receive triage will be left to survive, or die, on their own.

Things that will be taken into consideration include “age, health[sic] and likelihood of survival.” That decision will not be made by the doctor providing the treatment, but rather by some nebulous Committee reading reports. As one hospital director noted: “It is chilling, and it should not happen in America.”

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