Weekend News Bytes — May 11, 2020

Weekend News Bytes — May 11, 2020

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Over the weekend, former National Security Advisor (NSA) Michael Flynn’s lawyer said called out former President Barack Obama and other top government officials for setting Flynn up. NBC’s Meet the Press admitted to doctoring a video and lying about Attorney General William Barr. Finally, House Republicans said Democrats were trying to steal California’s special Congressional election.

Flynn’s Lawyer Accuses Obama of Framing Gen. Flynn

On Fox News Sunday, Flynn’s lead attorney Sidney Powell said former President Obama was in on the fix against the former three-star general. On January 5, 2017, Obama told former Attorney General Sally Yates and former FBI Director James Comey he knew about Flynn’s wiretapped phone calls with the former Russian Ambassador to the United States. At the moment, Yates was shocked at what she just heard. The former president asked Yates and Comey if Flynn should have any access to the White House while also not wanting to know any more information about him.

Powell said that’s when the plot was orchestrated to get Flynn. Asked if Obama was in on it, Powell said, “Absolutely.” Last week, the Department of Justice (DOJ) asked the case to be dismissed on the grounds of prosecutorial misconduct. Flynn was trapped and forced to admit he lied about his call with the ambassador.

Meet the Press Misleads Viewers

On Sunday morning, NBC News’ anchor Chuck Todd intentionally edited a video of Attorney General William Barr to mislead the public. In a CBS interview, Barr was asked how history would judge the DOJ’s decision to dismiss the case against Michael Flynn. Barr said, “Well, history’s written by the winners. So, it largely depends on who’s writing the history.”

Todd said the cynicism struck him and Barr wasn’t making the case that he was upholding the rule of law. However, Barr did say that, and it was edited out.

On Sunday evening, Meet the Press apologized:

Is California’s 25th Congressional District Special Election Being Rigged?

In California, Republicans are arguing that Democrats are trying to make up ground in a special election that could see a GOP candidate win. As of Friday, 45% of Republicans, 35% of Democrats, and 15% of unaffiliated voters cast mail-in ballots. After seeing the mail-in ballot returns, Republicans allege the Democratic-led county decided to open a new in-person voting center on Saturday in the heart of the Democratic district to lure in more voters.

Democrats claim it’s to ensure voters are not disenfranchised. Republicans say Dems are trying to rig the election after seeing mail-in results. Republicans have issued a “call to arms” for the Tuesday election. Yearly voting continues through Monday.

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