WH Press Secretary Asks Mike Pence To Apologize to Buttigieg

(AmericanProsperity.com) – White House Presse Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre publicly asked former Vice President Mike Pence on Monday to apologize to US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg for his jokes about his paternity leave. She also said Pence had to apologize for using Buttigieg’s postpartum depression as something to mock, claiming that the former vice president’s remarks were inappropriate but also discriminatory and homophobic.

In addition, Jean-Pierre claimed that Pence’s jokes were deeply inappropriate for women, so he should apologize to this community and the LGBTQ one. Right after her remarks, social media users showed divided positions, supporting her claims and others saying Pence didn’t do anything outrageous. 

The former Vice President made the jokes about Buttigieg during the annual Gridiron dinner for journalists in Washington on Saturday night. In front of everybody, he said that the Transportation Secretary took “maternity leave” while the rest of the people suffered from “postpartum depression” while he wasn’t working. He added in his joke that while Buttigieg was out on his “maternity leave,” the air traffic collapsed, airplanes nearly crashed, and people were stuck in airports.

In September 2021, the Transportation Secretary announced that he and his husband had twins, who needed to be hospitalized because of a virus infection. Simultaneously, the United States was suffering a national crisis since President Biden pushed to pass the infrastructure law, and supply chains were drastically disrupted. Each of these areas was Buttigieg’s responsibility, being the reason why so many people criticized him during that period.

Responding to Jean-Pierre’s accusations against the former Vice President, Pence’s adviser and former chief of staff Marc Short said on Fox News that the Biden Administration should stop with what he called “faux outrage.”  He explained that the Press Secretary’s remarks against the former Vice President were an act of hypocrisy. He remembered a recent episode where US Secretary of State Antony Blinken made a joke where he said he missed the old days when Jewish people “did all the work.”

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