What Happens in Just ONE Minute On The Internet Shows the Enormity of Big Tech

What Happens in Just ONE Minute On The Internet Shows the Enormity of Big Tech

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Every minute on the internet is an extraordinary occurrence of activity happening all at once. Technology has shifted the way societies experience the world, becoming an indispensable, almost necessary, element of our daily lives. It’s estimated there are around 5 billion people constantly using the internet for things like online shopping and looking for information, and that number is steadily climbing.

It’s true the internet gives us the power to make data-driven decisions with a simple touch of a button, but have you ever wondered who’s really behind the data being consumed? An annual graphic released by Domo will help highlight some of the digital activity and critical figures that takes place by some of the most well-known companies on the internet every minute:

  • $283,000 is spent on Amazon by loyal customers
  • 65,000 photos shared on Instagram
  • 694,000 videos streamed on Youtube
  • 167 million videos are views on TikTok
  • 44 million viewers on Facebook Lives
  • 6 million online shoppers

According to Statistica, internet users will consume 79 zettabytes (a measure of digital storage capacity) of data and information in 2021. They estimate those figures will rise to 180 zettabytes by 2025.

Now let’s take a closer look at some revenue statistics that some of these major corporations make every minute:

  • Facebook – $213,628
  • Microsoft – $327,823
  • Amazon – $955,517
  • Google – $433,014
  • Apple – $848,090
  • Netflix – $50,566
  • Tesla – $81,766

Looking at these numbers, it’s undeniable just how much power and control Big Tech has worldwide. This year alone, companies like Twitter and Facebook have come under heavy fire from the media and politicians on issues like internal political censorship. Facebook, the parent company, recently changed its name to Meta to rebrand itself. The goal was to disassociate itself from recent whistle-blowing scandals and its once highly regarded tech industry leader, CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced he was stepping down from his role in the company in November. The company came under fire by conservatives for banning political ads just before the 2020 presidential election. Dorsey also upheld a permanent ban against former President Donald Trump after the attack by Trump supporters on the US Capitol.

While the pandemic forced many brick-and-mortar businesses to shut down, some companies shifted and took their business online. This shift made Big Tech even more significant over the past year, making it difficult for anyone to understand just how much larger the tech industry will grow in the next few years.

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