Where Are All the Americans Rescued From Afghanistan?

Where Are All the Americans Rescued From Afghanistan?

(AmericanProsperity.com) – News coverage of Americans that NGOs and the federal government evacuated from Afghanistan over the past few weeks is few and far between. A few families who successfully returned to California got some coverage in early September, but other than that, major mainstream media outlets have stayed silent on these potentially uplifting stories. In a bold article, writer Brian Joondeph questioned where these rescued citizens are and why the US hasn’t heard more from them.

On Friday, September 10, Joondeph posted an essay to the American Thinker taking a deep dive into why President Joe Biden has not held photo ops with citizens he theoretically saved from the Taliban’s new regime. Joondeph highlights that the federal government has also been unable to pinpoint just how many Americans it evacuated, nor how many it left under the mercy of the Taliban.

Former chaplain for the Idaho Senate, Bryan Fischer, affirmed the questions posed in the article:

Joondeph points out there haven’t been any “feel good” interviews with Oprah or Ellen where Americans thank their government or Biden for getting them out safely. Instead, just an occasional outlet publishes a story on a US citizen still stranded in Afghanistan.

The article poses many good questions, asking both Americans and our government how many Americans made it out safely and how many are still in need? How long will our nation wait for these answers? Lastly, why is the narrative on this so skewed?

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