Where Can You Turn if Your Constitutional Rights Are Violated?

Where Can You Turn if Your Constitutional Rights Are Violated?

Telling Rights From Wrong

Here in America, we take pride in the rights acknowledged and safeguarded by our Constitution — rights that most people in the world don’t have. Centuries of law have added more rights, but the core of our freedom is the Constitution and the guarantees it gives us — free speech, the right to bear arms and many more. The trouble is, some people don’t interpret those rights the way they were meant to be interpreted, and they might want to restrict the way you exercise them. If that happens to you, where can you go for help?

Liberty in Danger

Sadly, not everyone in America today values the rights our Founding Fathers thought we should have. Everywhere you turn, our liberty is under assault — ironically, from people who call themselves “liberals.” Spurred on by the media and leftist politicians, there’s a guerilla war going on to restrict what you’re allowed to say, how you choose to protect yourself and even how you follow your religion. Stand up for your rights and you’re likely to find yourself being judged by the court of social media instead of a jury of your peers.

If you think your rights are being breached, you need to stand up for them yourself. The media isn’t going to protect you, and you can’t even rely on law enforcement nowadays. So where should you turn?

You can forget most of the so-called “rights” groups, like the Southern Poverty Law Center. They’re great if you’re trying to claim welfare after entering the US illegally, but if you ask for help with, say, your First or Second Amendment rights, they’re going to drop you like a hot potato. So if “rights” advocates won’t help you, who will?

The Law Supports Your Rights

It might be hard to believe with so many activist lawyers trying to push their own agenda, but when it comes to your rights our court system is on the side of the rights being applied equally. If you think you’re being denied the freedom you’re entitled to, ask the law to back you up.

There are plenty of lawyers who take a less liberal approach to rights; if you’re having trouble finding one, look on conservative discussion groups or ask an appropriate organization — the NRA can put you in touch with a pro-2A lawyer, for example. If lower courts don’t uphold your rights you can appeal, all the way to the Supreme Court if that’s what it takes.

Social Media CAN Work In Your Favor

Believe it or not, that court of social media can work both ways. Use the internet to publicize your case. Let people know that your rights have been violated and many of them will support you. Spread the message, keep people informed and encourage your followers to write to their representatives. Public opinion is powerful, and if you can mobilize it behind your cause, that will be a big help.

The mainstream media is notoriously pro-Left these days, and that includes its approach to our constitutional rights — but it isn’t the decider of what you’re allowed to do. The Constitution does that, backed up by the legal system. If you use the law effectively and let patriotic Americans know what’s going on, you can seize back the narrative from the establishment media and live in the freedom our nation’s founders believed you should enjoy.