White House Caves to “Woke” Culture With Disgusting Policies

White House Caves to

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Education is the basis of every child’s values, priorities, and future work life. It’s something that should be invested in and protected. But, our American education system is under attack from the Left as Democrats push their “woke” agenda into schools with the help of President Joe Biden.

A few months into Education Secretary Miguel Cardona’s term, “anti-racism” policies and instruction are being encouraged in classrooms all across our nation. In a recent email, a Department of Education spokesperson highlighted how Cardona wants to advance “educational equity.” For example, the Education Secretary recently helped Connecticut mandate a class on black and Latino studies in the fall of 2022.

Fox News shared how one Massachusetts school took Biden’s “woke” culture too far by segregating students:

As left-leaning teachers’ unions and radical academics continue to push their “woke” agenda on our nation’s youth, many parents and even educators are standing up against these new curriculums and classes. They realize that the classrooms are not where these ideals belong.

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