White House Criticizes Conservative GOP Group’s Budget Plan

(AmericanProsperity.com) – In a Monday morning statement, the White House said that the budget plan of the conservative GOP group House Freedom Caucus represented a “five-alarm fire,” as it claims that the spending cuts it’s proposing would represent a threat to the United States safety. In the statement, the White House also accused the group of being MAGA extremists and claimed its budget plan would be a “disaster” for American families.

Over the last few weeks, the Freedom Caucus has said its main goal is to cap discretionary spending at fiscal levels of last year for a decade while allowing for one percent growth every year, representing a $131 billion cut. While many analysts have said it would be difficult to materialize this budget proposal, it surprises the White House’s aggressiveness, especially when the Biden administration has claimed that one of its main goals is to reduce polarization.

The statement also argues that the budget plan will make the border more insecure because it would cut the funding of nearly 3,000 border agents and would allow for more illegal drugs to enter the United States. In addition, the White House claimed that the conservative group’s plan would even defund the police and exacerbate insecurity among communities since it would wipe out 400 local law enforcement positions.

Moreover, the Biden administration said in the statement that the budget plan will reduce rail safety inspections, which users on social media claimed was a hypocritical remark considering the politically charged situation that took place after the train derailments in Ohio, with the President failing to visit the site.

Finally, the statement says that the budget plan will increase by 30 minutes airport security wait times, and could even jeopardize air safety. Users on social media also criticized these claims, considering that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said last week that US air travel is currently suffering “more mistakes than usual.” 

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