White House Press Secretary Snaps at Reporters

White House Press Secretary Snaps at Reporters

(AmericanProsperity.com) – As pressure continues to mount on the administration over President Biden’s handling of classified documents, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre let the stress get to her last Wednesday. Pressed by a reporter to respond to a question about the president, she snapped “We’re moving on” and insisted she had given her answer — although she clearly hadn’t.

At a January 18 White House press briefing, one journalist asked Jean-Pierre about comments Biden made last September following the discovery of classified material at Donald Trump’s Florida home. At the time Biden called it “irresponsible.” The reporter wanted to know if it had been proper for the president to comment on an open Justice Department investigation, especially after news emerged that he had at least two caches of improperly stored classified documents himself.

Jean-Pierre quickly moved to deflect the question, saying that if the journalist wanted to know about “this legal matter,” he should contact the Department of Justice. The reporter wasn’t so easily put off, however, and said he wasn’t asking about the investigation. He wanted Jean-Pierre’s opinion on Biden’s comments. Instead, she ignored his clarification and insisted, “I just answered your question.” When he pointed out that she hadn’t, she told him that was just his opinion.

Biden’s misuse of classified documents first emerged on January 9, after the news broke that Top Secret material had been found in a think tank office he’d used as vice president. The documents were actually discovered in November, the week before the midterm elections, but kept quiet at the time. Then, on January 11, more documents emerged in the garage of the president’s Wilmington, Delaware, home — also used by his son Hunter, who is well known for his controversial business dealings with foreign (particularly Chinese) companies.

Meanwhile, Biden himself insists he has no regrets about the scandal or the fact it wasn’t reported back in November.

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