White House Slams Abbott’s Immigrant Move — Governor Responds

White House Slams Abbott's Immigrant Move --- Governor Responds

Abbott SLAMS Hypocrite-in-Chief After Migrant Bus Backlash

(AmericanProsperity.com) – As many know, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has been sending busloads of migrants to the sanctuary cities of DC, Chicago, and New York. Ron DeSantis, Republican Governor of Florida, has taken a similar approach, flying undocumented immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard. Still, now that liberal communities are beginning to deal with the realities that border communities live with, the White House has taken issue with the governors’ approach.

The Lone Star Governor’s office fired back after White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre blasted Abbott and DeSantis for transporting the migrants, claiming they were using them as “political pawns.” Renae Eze, the Texas leader’s press secretary, told Fox News a bunch of hypocrites were occupying the White House and called President Biden the “Hypocrite-in-Chief.”

Eze explained the Republicans weren’t doing anything that the federal government wasn’t already doing, shipping immigrants across the country. The press secretary pointed out that Abbott, at least, wasn’t transporting them under the cover of night. Eze explained the migrants willingly boarded the buses and signed waivers, which the Texas governor made available in several languages, disclosing their destinations.

The press secretary said the Biden administration should do their jobs and secure the Southern border instead of displaying hypocrisy.

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