White House Staff Deal With a COVID-Positive President

White House Staff Deal With a COVID-Positive President

White House STAFFERS Scrambling – Health Emergency!

While the White House assures America that everything is fine, people are concerned for the president’s health due to his age. At 79 years old, Biden is well above the threshold of patients most vulnerable to COVID-19. Currently, the administration claims Biden can run the country effectively even while isolating himself for the recommended time per the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines.

A White House official claimed that Vice President Kamala Harris had interacted closely with Biden, though they asserted there wouldn’t be any changes to her schedule. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre had been aboard Air Force One with the president just one day prior to his positive test, though the two reportedly weren’t in close contact under the CDC’s guidance.

Transparency Is Key

The White House released a photograph of Biden just hours after he tested positive with the message: “Folks, I’m doing great.” During the briefing, the press secretary noted the photo was an attempt to be transparent, claiming to be in contrast to the Trump administration’s response.

Communications strategist and spokesperson under former President Obama Adam Abrams explained it was “important” for the White House to show the public Biden is doing well despite his diagnosis. Abrams noted it was imperative the administration show Biden was experiencing COVID-19 in a fashion similar to other Americans who have received the vaccine; the president has been inoculated and boosted against the virus. Abrams added the White House was “on the right track,” mentioning officials don’t need to do much more than they already are.

Republicans have spent the greater part of Biden’s tenure bashing his mental fitness and emphasizing his age, which seems to play a key role in his reelection chances.

The spotlight will undoubtedly be on the president as his administration navigates this development ahead of the midterm elections. One Democratic strategist explained that Biden’s team needs to come out ahead on this, adding that any show of weakness will be turned against him and added to the list of negatives.

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