WHO Is Not in Support of Mandatory Vaccine Passports

WHO Is Not in Support of Mandatory Vaccine Passports

(AmericanProsperity.com) – As more Americans become fully vaccinated, many stores and restaurants are giving out free products to those who show they’re protected against COVID-19. Some states are even considering using proof of vaccination, or “vaccine passports,” to allow people to travel and work freely. Many Americans have protested the idea, and now even the World Health Organization (WHO) cautions heavily against it.

On Tuesday, April 6, Mike Ryan, the executive director of the Health Emergencies Programme at the WHO, said the organization does not endorse the use of vaccine passports and declared them unethical. He highlighted that many countries do not have reliable access to vaccines yet, and the long-term data on the effectiveness of vaccines is not yet available. In addition, a vaccine passport could encourage discrimination against those who do not have the vaccine, whatever the reason.

Vancouver’s News 1130 shares more:

This announcement follows the recent decisions by both Texas and Florida to outlaw the use of vaccine passports in an effort to protect medical information in their state and health discrimination. Thankfully, two states have stood up to the horrific idea, and hopefully, the WHO’s strong condemnation of them will give more states the confidence to join in.

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