WHO Officially Condemns Putin’s War In Ukraine

(AmericanProsperity.com) – The World Health Organization (WHO) assembly approved on Wednesday a motion that formally condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In the motion, the agency condemns different actions committed by Russian troops against Ukraine, including the numerous attacks on different healthcare facilities across the country.

Experts believe this is a delicate situation for the Kremlin, considering that the attack against hospitals or clinics is considered a war crime. While Moscow has consistently denied these claims, independent media outlets across the world have confirmed all types of atrocities committed by Russian troops.

The assembly motion passed with a final result of 80-9. However, some media outlets pointed out it was surprising to watch 36 nations absent and 52 abstaining from voting, which can only be explained by Russia’s influence.

At the WHO annual conference, the motion sponsored by the West also demanded an evaluation of the effect of Russian aggression against the health sector. While Russia offered a counter-proposal recognizing the health crisis in Ukraine but excluding any mention of its role in the conflict, it didn’t provide a quick response.  That motion in question was officially rejected after the first one, with a final result of 62-13, with 41 nations absent and 61 abstentions.

The meeting was so tense that Russia’s envoy repeatedly interrupted with points of order every time someone delivered a speech critical of the invasion. United Kingdom’s Ambassador Simon Haley even accused Moscow of spreading disinformation at the WHO assembly. However, far from denying the accusations, a Russian official confirmed he was distributing anti-Ukraine pamphlets during the meeting.

Over the last few months, the Kremlin has denied targeting civilians during the invasion, which Russia refers to as a “special military operation.” In fact, the Russian government has even described the number of accusations against Russian troops as “Russophobia” and an information war.

Recently, the International Criminal Court indicted Russian President Vladimir Putin over the abduction of Ukrainian children. The Kremlin responded by issuing a warrant against the institution’s prosecutor Karim Khan.

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