Wild Bike Chase Leads to Apprehension of Drug Dealer

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Body-camera footage published on December 9 showed a police officer in the United Kingdom commandeering a civilian’s bike to track down and tackle a drug trafficker who had a stash of narcotics disguised as candy. In a press conference, Northamptonshire Police Inspector Beth Warren said that the incident was the greatest example of cooperation between police officers and civilians. He told reporters he believes “old-fashioned policing” is about working together with “members of the public.” Warren added that the cooperation led to the arrest of a person whose actions were “severely affecting” the community.

News reports revealed that the scene took place on August 23 in Northampton, after authorities received a phone call from a civilian saying that a man carried out a drug deal. The suspect was eventually identified as a 28-year-old man named Sean Prosser.

In a statement, Northamptonshire Police said that Police constable Lewis Marks took charge of the case and pursued him from his police car. The body-camera footage shows the whole scene, with Prosser riding a bike and ducking into a nearby park, which forced Marks to get out of his vehicle and pursue the suspect on foot.

The video also shows how the officer spotted a civilian riding a mountain bike and asked if he could “borrow” it so he could chase Prosser. Once the civilian gives the bike to Marks, he can be seen hustling through the park and even some city streets until he catches up with the drug dealer and tackles him.

Mark then handcuffs Prosser and tells his colleagues on the radio that he “rammed” the suspect off his bike and is going to get the bike he used to “its owner.” Meanwhile, the suspect can be heard complaining about an injury in his head and claiming he hasn’t “done anything.”

In the last seconds of the video, the police officer can be seen cycling back with the bike to the park, where he meets up with the civilian who gave it to him. He then thanks the civilian and tells him he wouldn’t be able to catch Prosser “without your help.”

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