Winsome Sears Blasts Democrats for Attacking Black Conservatives

Winsome Sears Blasts Democrats for Attacking Black Conservatives

Minority Republican Perfectly Explains Why Leftists HATE Her

( – Democrats often take issue with Republicans for not thinking like them. The only thing many liberals find more upsetting than conservatives are the black voters who support them. Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears (R-VA) explains why this seems to be the case.

In a recent interview with Cal Thomas of the New York Post, Sears noted that in order for Democrats to continue winning, they need to secure at least 80% of the black vote. The 58-year-old immigrant from Jamaica asserted that’s why liberals dislike black Republicans and Libertarians — they might rock the boat.

The Virginia Lt. Governor, and dedicated Christian, declared that slaves didn’t earn their freedom only to serve the Democratic party, noting they just wanted their liberties, their families together again, and a good education for their children. Sears touched on the hot-button topic of abortion, noting that Democrats are doing what they can to keep it legal. She explained the procedure significantly impacts communities of color. The Republican poked at the liberal claim that she, a black woman, was a white supremacist for wanting more black children to be born.

Being the first woman to fill her position, the lieutenant governor called out President Biden and other Democrats for using staged events and photo ops to pander to the black community. She used the president’s recent “Slave Remembrance Day” as an example, declaring that if they wanted to live in the past, so be it. She just doesn’t want them to take her back with them as she looks to the future.

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