Winter Storm Leads To Power Grid Blackout

( – A winter storm is traversing the United States from the west to the east, leaving 60 million Americans across 30 states under a storm watch, according to The Daily Mail. California experienced the brunt of the storm to start, with as many as 200,000 Californians left without power as heavy snow and rain continued to fall. 

Winds on the West Coast were as fast as 80 miles per hour, according to UCLA climate scientist Daniel Swain who called the event “very unusual.” He added that residents in the state will be able to see snow piling up on nearby hills. Mountain peaks are expected to have up to four inches of snow. 

One National Weather Service meteorologist said to see Southern California embrace a storm such as this was “quite remarkable.”  

Minnesota was one of the latest states that were brought to a standstill last week as a blizzard swept through the west, leaving behind almost three feet of precipitation. The northern part of Minnesota is also preparing for a blizzard as the 2,000-mile-wide storm is reportedly set on making travel impossible. 

The storm is now reportedly reaching New York, with Gov. Kathy Hochul recommending that residents take measures ahead of it. The storm is forecasted to bring a combination of “icy precipitation and high winds” that is anticipated to cause travel delays on Tuesday morning. The National Weather Service predicted between two and four inches of snow, with Staten Island on the higher end.  

“State agencies are preparing emergency response assets and we are ready to assist local governments before, during and after the storm,” Hochul stated.

The storm is expected to first make an impact sometime Monday evening when snow will begin falling into the night. Rain is then expected to mix in with that snow. The Sanitation Department (DSNY) has already deployed 700 salt spreaders and is ready with 2,000 plowable vehicles. 

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