Wisconsin Judge Says “Our Court System Has Been Deeply Intimidated By the Left”

Wisconsin Judge Says

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Cancel culture has crippled many businesses across our nation as consumers boycott products or companies they disagree with, but that’s not all the damage that’s been done. Former Wisconsin judge James Troupis believes it’s intimidated law firms and judges, forcing lawyers to avoid cases about election fraud for fear of pushback from the Left.

On Wednesday, December 16, Troupis spoke with the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, telling them that “the court system has been deeply intimidated by the Left.” Independent news outlet The Epoch Times shares more:

Troupis explained to the committee that he ended up representing the Trump campaign only after multiple other lawyers turned down the opportunity. He emphasized the cases were not ignored due to lack of merit, but instead “because of the cancel culture.”

It’s one thing when Americans choose not to spend their money with a company because they disagree with their products or marketing. However, we must be wary when cancel culture extends to targeting our election integrity and an attorney’s willingness to seek truth and justice for all.

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