Woke Partygoers Mistake Actual Black Man for Wearing Blackface — Completely Flip Out

Woke Partygoers Mistake Actual Black Man for Wearing Blackface -- Completely Flip Out

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Progressive liberals are so intent on condemning everyone they feel is doing wrong, they look for any reason to vilify a person, even among the innocent. Sometimes they take their righteousness too far, like in the case of two woke activists accusing a man of wearing a black face. Turns out the two couldn’t have made a bigger mistake.

Two people encouraging diversity, inclusion, and equity in the Scottsdale Unified School District (SUSD) recently found themselves at the center of attention, and for no good reason. The woke activists, Jill Lassen and Stuart Rhoden, accused a man of wearing black face. The man was the DJ of a ’70s disco-themed party the Hopi Elementary School PTA in Phoenix organized.

That photo would serve as the basis for Lassen and Rhoden’s attempt to vilify Kim Koko Hunter. In the end, the only people they smeared were themselves as they attacked Hunter, the DJ, for dressing up like a black man. The pair quickly took to the Internet to express their dismay, until it was brought to their attention that Hunter was actually black.

Both activists did apologize, although Rhoden’s was indirect, claiming an apology wouldn’t fix whatever damage he’d caused, so he wouldn’t offer one. Lassen’s apology was slightly more correct than Rhoden’s, but according to Blaze News, it likely only came as the school’s district pays for the SUSD’s influence and Lassen was concerned about losing money. Both men should want to apologize for the simple fact that it’s the right thing to do.

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